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We sincerely thank you for using our products.

Sanshichiro Furuta, the founder of our company, established Nippon Petroleum Company in 1933 to engage in the sale of grease lubricants in the oil industry. Since then, the company navigated the turbulent Showa period (1926–1989), changing its name to Nippon Koyu Shokai and then to Nippon Koyu Ltd.
In April 2012, the company name was changed to Nippeco Ltd., and the headquarters was relocated a year later to the present address at Hacchobori in Chuo-ku.

In the meantime, from a production aspect, we have established the Okayama Plant in Western Japan, and the Chiba Plant in Eastern Japan, to prepare an infrastructure for supplying products all over Japan.
We at Nippeco remain united and will never stray from our mission to supply products to domestic key industries as well as to any other users worldwide, offering stabilized qualities and consistent services, from product development to supply through production as globalization continues to expand.

Our passion to provide “products filled with our best technology and sincerity” is stronger than ever, and we will never cease striving to be a company that is always useful to our customers.
We would truly appreciate your providing us further guidance and encouragement going forward.

President, Representative Director
Yoshiki Yamaguchi