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Approach to Environment

NIPPECO considers contribution to “global environment conservation” as one of the most important issues in every aspect of the corporate activities. Especially, while manufacturing products we care about living together with our local communities and commit ourselves to maintain the global environment.

  • NIPPECO aims to construct a more efficient and economical corporate activity system
    through the environmental management system activities.
  • Not only abiding by the environmental laws, regulations and other requirements,
    but NIPPECO also sets a target for reduction of environment load and work hard to achieve it.
  • The company promotes activities for important issues such as the reduction of industrial waste,
    energy conservation and enhancement of self-management against harmful chemical substances.
  • In business activities, NIPPECO works hard for continuous improvements and prevention of environmental pollution as much as possible within technical and economical aspects.
  • NIPPECO works hard to keep everyone working at or for NIPPECO well informed about the importance of environment management system and enhances their environmental awareness.
  • This environmental policy will be opened to the public when requested.

Status of ISO14001 (Environment Management System) Standard Certifications

For application standard:
Registration date:
February 2004 Okayama Plant, Tokyo Plant
September 2009 Chiba Plant (newly constructed)


Renewable Energy Certificate

NIPPECO LTD. is partially using renewable energy
as a social contribution to global environment.

NIPPECO holds “Renewable Energy Certificate”, which shows that we are using renewable energy in place of the standard energy. We will continue to contribute to the environment as a member living on Earth.

Futamata Wind Power Plant (Aomori)

Futamata Wind Power Plant (Aomori), Photograph: Japan Wind Development Co., Ltd.

Renewable Energy Certificate

NIPPECO was offered “Renewable Energy Certificate” by Premium Green Power K.K., and purchased it for 25,000 kWh per year from April 2012 totaling 100,000 kWh for 4 years (2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015).
25,000 kWh power consumption per year equals an annual demand for lighting at the newest Chiba Plant completed in 2010. Also, the effect of reducing CO2 gas by purchasing 25,000 kWh approximately equals 14 tons of CO2 per year, corresponding to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 1000 cedar trees in a year.
(*1) Applied the default value of 0.555 kg-CO2/kWh as defined by the Ministry of Environment for the CO2 conversion factor
(*2) Applied 14 g/year for CO2 absorption of cedar tree

Approval of Eco Mark

Eco Mark

NIPPECO was the first in Japan to receive an approval of Eco Mark for our environmentally friendly grease. Biodegradability has been verified with the OCED301B test.

Nippeco Bio Grease
Eco Mark product approval number
‚óŹ Nippeco Bio Grease LC No. 04110002