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Privacy policy
Do you agree to the following Privacy Information Protection Policy of NIPPECO?

Privacy Policy

NIPPECO LTD. (NIPPECO hereafter) is operating and maintaining its website in accordance with the following private information protection policy.

1. Definition of private information

“Private information” is information regarding a living individual, which can identify the specific individual by describing the name, date of birth, etc., included in the corresponding information, or information that can be easily cross-checked with other information to identify the specific individual.

2. Collection of private information

The NIPPECO website may collect the private information of the customer at the time of inquiry. The private information will be collected by clearly notifying the purpose of use, and in legal and fair manner, after approval of customer at the time of collection.

3. Use of private information

The purposes of use of the private information collected from the customer in the NIPPECO website are as follows.

  • As reference information for confirmation, research, or replying to the inquiries to NIPPECO or its products or services
  • To send notification of information that may be useful for the customer, such as new products or services of NIPPECO and functional improvements
  • As reference information of the development of the products or services that may be useful for the customers by collecting as statistical information within the range that cannot identify the individual

NIPPECO will not disclose or provide the private information to the third party without notifying the customer except for the following cases.

  • When disclosing to the related companies of NIPPECO or consignee for the above purposes of use
  • When based on the laws and regulations, or when it is required to cooperate to the clerical work defined by the laws and regulation of the organization of country, municipality, or entity consigned by them
  • When it is required to protect the life, body, or assets of a person, and it is difficult to earn agreement of the individual

4. Safety management of private information

In addition to rational, organized, physical, personal, and technical measures for safety management of the private information collected from the customers, NIPPECO will prevent hazards such as illegal entry to the private data, or loss, falsification, or leak of private information by handling the private information in accordance with the related laws and regulations.

5. Correction and deletion of private information

Please inform from the following contact to correct or delete the private information collected from the customer.

6. Use of cookies

NIPPECO may use cookies to provide better services to the customers, but this will not collect information that can identify an individual, and will not breach the privacy of the customer. It is also possible to set the browser not to accept cookies.

7. Contact regarding the Private Information Protection Policy

Telephone: +81-3-5542-2481
Person in charge: Hiroshi Takeda, General Affairs & Financial Dept.

8. Change in the Private Information Protection Policy

NIPPECO will consider it disclosed by making changes in the NIPPECO website regarding the changes in private information to be collected, purposes of use, or other private information protection policies.